About USO Exam

Structure of the examination

The UAE Space Olympiad will feature two intense rounds of competition. A online preliminary exam and an offline final exam will both be given. The final exam, which will be administered in the form of an offline workshop in UAE, will be open to all students who pass the preliminary exam.

First Level - Preliminary Online Examination

The candidate and facilitator will connect through a zoom application for the preliminary level online test. Once connected, the facilitator will share the question paper, and the candidate will read the questions and their possible answers before verbally providing the examiner with the correct response. In the exam portal, the examiner will save the response. Candidates will be given 30 multiple-choice questions based on the syllabus (Space Science and related topics). The UAE Space Olympiad exam has a 10-minute time limit. There will be negative marks for each incorrect response.

Second Level - UAE Space Olympiad Final Offline Examination

For those who qualify the preliminary round, the final exam will take the shape of a two-day offline workshop led by space science experts. This will include final level syllabus based classes and a variety of engaging sessions, such as sky watching tips, and career advice from space science experts.

Date Final Level Offline Examination: 16 & 17, December 2023

Last Date of Registration: 30th November 2023


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