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UAE Space Olympiad ( USO )

UAE Space Olympiad is a nationwide quiz competition of Astronomy and Space Science & Technology for school students who are residing in UAE.

UAE Space Olympiad is a national effort to identify future space scientists .The purpose of the event is to develop in students a scientific temperament and 21st century skills. The occasion is anticipated to provide the UAE students with a significant opportunity to engage and explore the space science field.

Astronomy and space science are among the most recent concepts that are popular among young people. One of the special, distinctive, and cutting-edge platforms that offers students the chance to compete in the Olympiad is the UAE Space Olympiad. The UAE Space Olympiad gives students the opportunity to explore astronomy and space science and to interact with outstanding space scientists and subject experts. The exam is divided into three rounds that is scientifically created, superbly balanced, and practically mature.

UAE Space Olympiad is a platform that allows young pupils, particularly those in classes 5 through 12, to soar far into the knowledge of space science explorations. It seeks to inspire talented young people and involve them in workshops and many other educational and creative programmes. Experts in the field of space science who are well-known and well-respected will lead these sessions.

The goal of the UAE Space Olympiad is to inspire and motivate young kids to understand that the sky is their destination and to direct their interests in a way that would ultimately allow them to enjoy their future as proud Scientists.

How to Participate?

All contestants must register their names online for the competition through the UAE Space Olympiad's official website in order to take part.

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Students in grades 5 through 12 in the UAE are eligible to compete in the UAE Space Olympiad.

The Categories are:

Category 1: Juniors

The students studying in grades 5-7 fall under this category.

Category 2: Seniors

The students studying in grades 8-10 belong to this category.

Category 3: Super Seniors

The students studying in grades 11-12  are included in this category.

Each category has separate competitions and prizes.

Competition Structure

UAE Space Olympiad 2024 is designed to have three rounds of competition.

Round 1 (Preliminary) : ONLINE EXAMINATION

Round 2 (Intermediate) : ONLINE EXAMINATION


Levels Fee Dates Mode of exam
Preliminary AED. 50 April - May 2024 Online
Intermediate AED. 100 August 2024 Online
Final AED. 350 November 2024 Offline


The Top Three candidates from each category will get the FREE chance to visit JAXA, Japan.

1. The UAE Space Olympiad encourages students to examine complex scientific ideas and conduct research-based astronomy and space science studies.

2. Students are inspired by the UAE Space Olympiad to work toward a deeper understanding of space science.

3. It encourages pupils to succeed by empowering them, assisting in the development of their self-confidence.

4. Participating in this competition will boost their confidence to succeed in additional competitive exams.

5. We put students to the test in the area of space science, pique their interest in the subject, and create the groundwork for their future careers.

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