Preliminary Level (May 2024)

  • Important Milestones in Space Exploration
  • Major Space Agencies – NASA, UAE Space Agency, ROSCOSMOS, JAXA, ISRO, CNSA, ESA,CSA
  • Record Holding Astronauts From Different Countries
  • The Key Space Missions -Planetary, Earth Observational, Astronomical, and more
  • Launch Vehicles and Launch Station Around the World

Intermediate Level (August 2024)

  • Gravity, Newton's law of gravitation
  • Kepler's law and orbits.
  • Artificial satellites.
  • Different types of satellite orbits.
  • Fundamentals of Rocketry.
  • Basics of Night Sky.
  • Rising and setting of Celestial objects. Constellations.
  • Celestial Coordinate systems.
  • Tilt of earth axis and Seasons.
  • Moon Phases, Tidal forces and Tidal locking.
  • Genesis of the Moon.

Final Level (November 2024)

  • Major Observatories.
  • Telescopes.
  • Measurement of distance parallax method and Standard candle method.
  • Atomic Spectra.
  • Doppler effect
  • Basics of Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Fission and Fusion.
  • Energy Generation in stars.
  • Structure of Sun.
  • Life Cycle of stars.
  • HR Diagram.
  • Chandrasekhar limit.
  • Red Giant, Brown Dwarf, White Dwarf, Neutron Stars, Black Holes etc.
  • Expanding Universe, Hubble's Law, BigBang and  Evolution of the universe.
  • CMB, Dark Energy

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